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JANUARY 28-31 2025







All dancers who compete at Supreme Dance Experience, Get the Beat or GTB Asia events in 2024 are eligible to enter the Grand Final. 

*Dancers entered in Supreme Events may enter the Grand Final prior to attending that event.

Your Supreme Grand Final rego pass will include a Supreme T-Shirt, Printed Program, and access to all Judges workshops. It also covers public liability insurance and dancer viewing (to all non sold out events).


AGE - enter based on the age you were when you attended your qualifying event (or the age you will be when you attend a qualifying event).

AGE GROUPS - 4/U, 5/U, 6/U, 7/U, 8/U, 10/U, 11/U, 12/U, 13/U, 14/U, 15/U, 16-20 YEARS.

The Highest Scoring dancer in each genre will be invited to perform their solo again at the Gala event. 

*No limit to the number of solos each dancer may enter. Routines can be different to the ones  performed at the qualifying event. 

The Title Championship will be a seperate section at the Grand Final. The Top 4 Title Dancers will compete again at the Gala in the Title Battle, where they will receive live on stage feedback and compete for the National Supreme Title. 

AGE GROUPS FOR TITLE SECTIONS - Bambino (4-5), Cherub (6-7), Petite (8-9), Youngster (10-11), Tween (12-13), Teen (14-15), Veteran (16-20).

*Dancers must compete at least one (1) solo in the general solo sections at the Grand Final to be eligible to enter the Title Championship.

*One (1) entry per competitor.

*May be either a repeat routine or a new routine. 

DANCERS AGE - based on January 1 2024

QUALIFYING - groups do not need to attend a regional event to enter the Grand Final, however priority entries will be given to studios that have attended a Supreme or GTB event in 2024. 

To enter or express interest in entering Groups at the Grand Final, please email 

Dancers will have the opportunity to attend workshops with Judges and Guest Choreographers throughout the event. During these workshops dancers will learn short routines that will be performed at the Gala event. 

The cost of these workshops is included in the registration fee for Solo dancers. 

Cancellation & Refund Policy - Please note, Supreme events are prepare months in advance, your entries into our events before we run them are invested into an entire year of tour which may include - Prizes, Non refundable venue deposits, Staff Travel and Accommodation, Flooring, Judges and their travel, Fixtures, Administration etc. 

  • No refunds are given for change of mind, other commitments, or a clash with another competition. 

  • If a dancer becomes injured, an event transfer will become available, or a credit for the following year will apply, medical proof will be required.

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