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Contact Us

Please email and we will get back to you shortly.
  • How do I CHANGE the music I submitted?
    Prior to the first day of the competition - please email any changes to Once the competition has started - please see us at the event and we will be able to airdrop your new music or upload it to our playlist via a USB.
  • What is the age cut off?
    For Solos - Each individual competition start day For Duos/Trios - The age of the oldest competitor on the competition start day
  • How do I submit music?
    Music submissions will open 1 week prior to the event and can be submitted via the Upload Music tab on our website.
  • Can I film or take photos when my child is on stage?
    We don’t allow this due to child safety concerns. Being a public performance, we need limitations as to who is filming or taking photos at any stage, and to police this we offer a blanket “no photography or filming policy. We do have a photo/video company that travel with us and offer photos/videos of your childs performance(s). In addition to this there is a “zero photo/video” policy in force for all dressing rooms.
  • When do I need to arrive for the competition?
    We open doors 30 minutes prior to the start time of each day of competition. You are welcome to arrive at anytime since everything is processed prior to the event starting (music etc).
  • Can my family come and watch my son/daughter dance?
    Of course! There is no fee for viewing from the audience, anyone is welcome.
  • How do I see the event program?
    Event programs will be made available via our website once they are available.
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